About Us

Stellar Reputation. On Target Projections. Solid Expertise.

Our Story

Based out of the East Coast, RDC Equities invests in the multifamily and commercial real estate market nationwide. Specializing specifically in multifamily, RDC brings exclusive, off-market deals to an elite, high profile network of investors. The RDC team has closed close to 3 billion dollars over the past 15 years. RDC’s goal is to unlock opportunities for their investors that guarantee long-term capital appreciation through streamlined expenses and hands-on management, ensuring maximum revenue.


Our Mission

RDC is committed to bringing impressive solid returns on all of their investments. With their stellar reputation, on-target projections, and solid expertise, RDC brings out new potential in every property, ensuring satisfaction to all involved in the deal.


Our Strategy

By monitoring and analyzing the market, RDC predicts future real estate patterns and capitalizes on this knowledge by investing ahead of the trends. They present future investors with a detailed forecast on their investment, as well as a clear exit strategy, putting everything out on the table from the very start. A typical holding period lasts two to seven years. Careful assessment of renovation costs and hands-on management allow RDC to ensure the highest value return on each and every property.

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